Hope, Inspiration & Optimism

Humanitarian and Existentialist.
I'm more of an iridescent creature rather than an actual person.

I feel like all the conversations I have with people are meaningless and a waste of my time. i feel like something's missing from my life but I can't place it. I want something deeper. Any advice?
by Anonymous


Recognize the cogs in your mechanism of social interaction, the structure you and others adhere to.  Focus on drawing attention to the lines that your peers choose not to cross, the dishonesty that they propagate on the basis of an illusory security.  Devote time to disestablishing the walls of fear based conditioning that confine them to banality and pretense.

These individuals are most likely seeking the exact same depth that you are, but in your apparent self awareness, you actually have the opportunity to be the catalyst for constructive change in your environment.  Seize it.