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today is the oldest you’ve ever been
and the youngest you’ll ever be again

let that sink in

what the fuck does it want now

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"I had older brothers and sisters who were high achievers, and I felt different, misunderstood by my family. That’s not my family’s fault; it was my perception."

- Willie Aames (via kushandwizdom)


I like to listen to sad punk songs of the early 2000s and cry about how I can never have my favorite man of The 1975.


"What you must understand about me is that I’m a deeply unhappy person."

- John Green (via kushandwizdom)


I’m so glad the tumblr family for Rixton is still pretty small because the biggest drama is the insistent need of some to ask Lewi what’s in his backpack. Can we please stay this way forever??

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"I wasn’t a heroin addict – I never lost it to heroin – but I was a coke addict big-time," said Healy. "I was 18, I dabbled in everything. I wanted to be Jack Kerouac. I thought I was as decadent as all of that. I thought: the world will catch up. And that stems from this: I remember once, I was sat in front of the TV – I must have been about six – and my dad’s mates are all welders. They were sat behind me watching a video of Michael Jackson. And they were expressing their opinions about how alien he was, how unrelatable he was. And I remember thinking to myself: ‘Well, I’m a lot more like him than I am like you.’"

- Matty Healy (the 1975) discusses his past addiction to cocaine [X] (via shesseekingnirvana)


People look down on McDonald’s employees but fail to realize that if all these folks left McDonald’s and pursued “better careers”  your ass wouldn’t be able to get a McDouble with an Oreo McFlurry at 3am. 

You can’t demand a service while simultaneously degrading those who provide it for you. 

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"i want to be around people that do things. i don’t want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do. i want to be around people that dream and support and do things."

- amy poehler (via psych-facts)

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